Photographic praise of industrial aesthetics.
I love the industry. I love industrial aesthetic. Machines fascinate me with their imposing beauty. The disproportion of a steel mill or a shipyard represent for me the ideal creation space. I love machines, for behind the machine, at the heart of the machine, lies the genius of man. The man who has designed it and the man who operates it. A machine is nothing without a man.

From the roar of the industrial site to the aseptic space of a clean room, the photographer has to adjust. Photography is a mix of empathy and discretion. The photographer must know how to take ownership of places, how to adopt them and let them adopt him to impose his own views. He also has to be able to highlight his subject, to place it in an optimal position to show it in the full function of its expertise. Then the photographer steps aside.

A story is being written, captured by his lens.

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